Middleby Market by L2F

An Automated Food Court Concept

   Four “Islands of Automation” prepare upscale food and drinks with a single chef delivering an incredible dining experience for up to 32

   The first three islands, which are modular and line the right-side of the food court, are focused on drinks and desserts. Users input a keepsake L2F mug into the island, make a selection on a touch-screen, and then watch the fun.



Automated Coffee Machine

     RoboJoe's is an integrated Smart, Self-Serve Coffee Kiosk for both hot and nitro cold brew coffee. By combing Concordia Ascent and JoeTap, a robot interfaces with a common UI touchscreen that is fully integrated with its own IoT BLE network.


Ice Cream Co.

Automated Ice Cream Machine

      Warm Springs Ice Cream Co. is an automated take on the classic ice cream stand.  Watch as your robotic server creates the perfect swirl with a Taylor Soft Serve machine.  Each stand is fully stand alone and integrated with POS and a private IOT network to provide predictive analytics for restocking and customer flavor preferences

Limbo Cats

Automated Speedwell

     Limbo Cats is a smart and automated speed well designed to make a full menu of mixed drinks. A Wunder-Bar soda dispensing system is coupled with a Follett ice machine and the Skyflo intelligent liquor control system, all on a private loT network.


Also known as “The Big Island.” Utilizing a two stack, input/output, conveyor system to process uncooked to fully cooked food while allowing cold storage inside for on demand cooking.

2 Middleby Marshall CTX Conveyor Ovens

1 Wow! Oven

1 TurboChef 1618 Oven

1 Perfect Fry Fryer

2 Desmon Storage Units

1 Robot

Pick-n-Plate is designed to be re-configurable for various types of cooking equipment. All equipment is either on casters or on a table top. The triple-stacked CTX and Wow! ovens have a fully functional hood above. There is space for virtually any piece of Middleby equipment. 



A 70 inch TV screen in the dining area shows real-time data

analytics and uses machine learning for continuous improvement

of operations.

Visitors to the Middleby Market will experience an innovative


and billing system that shows:

  • Real Time inventory of menu items with live consumption charts

  • Live billing (See how much you're spending as you eat

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L2F Presents: The Second Course

L2F turn a struggling 30-year old mom-and-pop cafe in Pleasanton, CA into a high tech foodie paradise.

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