All the bartenders at first thought it would slow down the process of pouring drinks but it makes it faster. I love the consistency and taste of all the drinks now no matter who's making them. Money well spent.” 

—  Matt Carlson,

Hungarian Social Club

Empowering Clients to Make Better Business Decisions

Real-time Pour Reports Bartender Accountability • Liquor Sales Reconciliation


Skyflo is the world’s most advanced wireless liquor management system. Skyflo helps you get the most from your bar with portion control spouts featuring touch functionality and powerful software.

The Perfect Pour

Consistent and precise pours improve drink quality, customer satisfaction  and reduce liquor loss. Skyflo spouts can operate anywhere, freeing bar staff to focus on providing quality customer service.

Software To Help You Improve Sales

Valuable data is tracked and recorded with every drop of liquor dispensed through the Skyflo spouts. View activity in real-time or pull summary reports on-demand.

Increase Customer Satisfaction & Profits

Improve customer service through speed and efficiency while increasing profits. Skyflo keeps liquor secure, helping you get the most from your inventory.

Get The Most From Your Bar

Grow your business by customizing SkyFlo to suit your needs. SkyFlo virtually eliminates liquor loss and unrecorded sales, which could amount to tens of thousands of dollars in savings per year. SkyFlo will give you the tools you need to manage your bar effectively and profitability.

SkyFlo Spout Technology Provides:

SkyFlo Liquor Management Systems represents the leading edge of wireless, fully programmable liquor dispensing technology.

The Opportunity

• 20%+ Reduction in Liquor Costs

• 30%+ Increase in Speed of Service

• High Level of Control

• 100% Reportability of Liquor Dispensing

• Trackability, Issue Diagnosis,                        Operational Accountability

Mis- Pours

• Real-time Alerts

• Mis-Pour Volume

• Mis-Pour Event Time

• Mis-Pour % (of Total Pours)

Pours & Mis- Pours By:

• Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Summary

• Shift

• Event

• Bartender

Free Pours VS Controlled

SkyFlo Spout Technology Provides:

• Up to 4 fully programmable pour sizes per spout

• RF Communication That won’t interfere with client Wi-Fi

• Each spout customized to each product on the bar

• 200’ Radius of operationUp to 4 “profit centers” per unit

• Real-time and historic reporting

• Track Sales & Dispensed amounts by product and type

• All Activities of the spout are Time/Date stamped

• Fully rechargeable spouts

• Recharge in less than 90 minutes

• 24/7 Tech Support

• Installs done by factory trained SkyFlo service consultants

• Full training for staff at all levels

• Complete operations and programming documentation

• Full operations documentation, front line reference guides, cleaning / charging schedules & Management tools included

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