Increasing profits from liquor
at stadiums, entertainment centers, and
bars of all sizes

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Introducing Skyflo

the world’s leading

liquor management system

The perfect pour

Precision pour spouts

transmit real-time data tracking

mimicking free pours,

saving you thousands of dollars

in liquor loss and unrecorded sales

"A consistent drink from every bar,   from every bartender, every time."

Keith Snow, Beverage Director

HeadPinz Entertainment Center

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Let staff handle your customers. We'll handle the drinks.

Profit from all the pours.

Even the partial ones.


ROI Calculator


How we stack up to the competition


Actionable data insights

The Opportunity

• 20%+ Reduction in Liquor Costs

• 30%+ Increase in Speed of Service

• High Level of Control

• 100% Reportability of Liquor Dispensing

• Trackability, Issue Diagnosis, Staff Accountability

Incomplete Pours

• Real-time Alerts

• Incomplete Pour Volume

• Incomplete Pour Event Time

• Incomplete Pour % (of Total Pours)

Customizable reports by

• Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Summary

• Shift

• Event

• Bartender

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