We love solving the most dirty, dangerous, and difficult challenges of food service.

Especially when it liberates people for more rewarding tasks, & keeps them employed at thriving wages. Ultimately customers get better service & better food, and owners get better profits.

Creating win-win solutions is our North Star.

Kitchen Automation


Just a few of CORI's benefits

• Modular, reconfigurable design

• Increased speed of service
• Optimal food temperature and quality
• Reduced kitchen footprint
• Lower operating costs, more profit


A few of SPA's benefits

• Reduce food waste

• Reduce incorrect orders

• Reduce training and turnover

• Improve customer experience

• Deploy limited time offers

How SPA works

SPA takes customized orders and projects build instructions directly on the surface


SPA assists staff with visual and audible alerts, preventing errors in real-time


Each build step produces data that can be referenced for quality and performance optimization


Let staff handle your customers,

we'll handle staff safety and training.

More staff time with customers

means happier, repeat customers.

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