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Smarter. Smaller. Sustainable.

Combining Middleby's global arsenal of appliances with L2F's automated intelligence. The result: a smart, fully connected ghost kitchen from a single, trusted supplier—designed to your specs.


We make your kitchen

safer, sturdier, and smarter. 

What's a ghost kitchen?

A professional food facility for prepping & cooking of pick-up or delivery-only meals.

Can house multiple restaurant brands. Learn about the hub-n-spoke model and small footprint options.


Predictive data solves the waste problem.

Only cook what, when, & where demand is. 

Deliver hot, fresh food—anywhere, anytime.

Everyone wants their food now, and from most anywhere. With delivery services like DoorDash, GrubHub, and UberEats, they can get it. But brick-n-mortar restaurants are expensive to set up and operate (min $1.5M). 


Ghost kitchens meet this growing delivery-anywhere demand by avoiding dining setup costs altogether, since customers rarely step foot in these kitchens. Also termed “cloud” or “virtual” kitchens, they rely on predictive data from delivery apps to determine locations, type, layout, and region-specific menu demand.

Middleby-backed, L2F-engineered.

A fast growth $10.2 billion market 

better equipped for on-demand delivery.

With increasing minimum wage and low unemployment, you have a perfect storm for disruption. The entire industry is striving to reduce turnover while increasing speed-of-service; all while navigating an environment of ever greater cuisine variety and healthy, eco-conscious food choices. 

With the same engineering rigor that put rockets in space, and a global arsenal of appliance solutions backed by the largest manufacturer in the worldMiddlebywe'll help you capture this booming market, smartly.


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We can customize these out-of-the-box solutions to your specific dimensions & needs.