Simplify the Fry

Automation to streamline
and improve safety in the deep-frying process

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FryBot’s benefits

● Improves speed of production

● Consistent quality

● Minimizes ingredient waste

● Improves labor efficiency

● Enhances employee safety

● Reduces liability & frying injuries

● Increases job satisfaction

● Streamlines frying process

● Increases yields & profits

FryBot’s benefits Middleby’s answer to the kitchen of the future.
FryBot™ is the secret sauce.

Fry with efficiency & safety

Robotic automation for a safer kitchen

● Reduces the risk of employee burns, which occur more than 12,000 times a year

● Saves up to $70,000 in annual labor cost

● Reduces risk of product contamination & undercooking

● Eliminates repetitive and dangerous task of frying

● Improves employee morale

● Reduces waste/lost-product by controlling portioning

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Run your kitchen with ease & safety.
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