Smarter. Smaller. Sustainable.

Combining Middleby's global arsenal of appliances with L2F's automated intelligence. The result: a smart, fully connected ghost kitchen from a single, trusted supplier—designed to your specs.


We make your kitchen

safer, sturdier, and smarter. 

What's a ghost kitchen?

A professional food facility for the prepping and cooking of pick-up or delivery-only meals.

Can house multiple restaurant brands. Learn about the hub-n-spoke model.

Predictive data solves your waste problem.

Cook only what, when, and where demand is. 

Deliver hot, fresh food—anywhere, anytime.

Everyone wants their food now, and from most anywhere. With delivery services like DoorDash, GrubHub, and UberEats, they can get it. But brick-n-mortar restaurants are expensive to set up and operate (min $1.5M). 


Ghost kitchens meet this growing delivery-anywhere demand by avoiding dining setup costs altogether, since customers rarely step foot in these kitchens. Also termed “cloud” or “virtual” kitchens, they rely on predictive data from delivery apps to determine locations, type, layout, and region-specific menu demand.

Middleby-backed, L2F-engineered.

A rapidly growing $10.2 billion business 

better equipped for on-demand delivery.

With increasing minimum wage and low unemployment, you have a perfect storm for disruption. The entire industry is striving to reduce turnover while increasing speed-of-service; all while navigating an environment of ever greater cuisine variety and healthy, eco-conscious food choices. 

With the same engineering rigor that put rockets in space, and a global arsenal of appliance solutions backed by the largest manufacturer in the worldMiddlebywe'll help you capture this booming market, smartly.

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Our out-of-the-box solutions can also be tailored to your unique needs.

Commissary Kitchen

The Enhanced Commissary Ghost Kitchen meets a variety of versatile needs, whether you are a food innovator galvanized by data-driven decisions, or an established food business looking to improve processes.


With Middleby's advanced technology, address health and safety, gain data analytics, and achieve consistently greater speed of service.


The Middleby network has gathered the best technology to help you prep, store and deliver your food at a rate no other commercial kitchen can. Connected with L2F automation and artificial intelligence, you can ensure an incredibly high output.


From Armor Inox automated-industrial Sous Vide and Firex tilting braising pans to CV-Tek modified atmospheric packaging machines, Middleby provides everything needed to prepare and package great tasting food. 

Middleby's globally recognized solutions help you stay innovative and nimble in centralized food prep, storage and delivery. 

Pizza Mobile

Ghost Kitchen

The $37 billion pizza industry is developing new strategies to reduce cost and meet increasing demand. The Middleby Enhanced Pizza Ghost Kitchen concept is ideal for pizza restaurants looking to expand their market presence with smaller, more mobile and cost-efficient kitchens. 


Using OpenKitchen by PowerHouse Dynamics, enjoy a fully connected smart kitchen with all equipment sourced from Middleby, the world's most globally trusted supplier.


This total mobile ghost kitchen solution combines top-of-line Doyon dough mixers, proofers and sheeters with QualServ prep and stretch tables and ventless TurboChef conveyor ovens.


Coupled with L2F’s automatic dispensing system, you can quickly, safely and consistently ladle sauces, cheese, and toppings.


Collaborative robots and L2F's augmented reality CORI smart prep tables minimize staff error and maximize restaurant output. Finally reduce turnover and training time, simultaneously, with our integrated pizza kitchen solution.

  1. L2F  Sauce-Cheese-Pepperoni Automated System 

  2. L2F Smart Prep Table

  3. Carter Hoffman Self-serve Pick-Up-Cabinet 

  4. Desmon Prep Table with Remote Refrigerated Base

  5. TurboChef Electric Ventless Impingement Oven


Asian Mobile

Ghost Kitchen

Asian cuisine is the fastest growing cuisine in America because of the increased need for healthier fast-casual restaurant options. Middleby offers creative and high-quality equipment options for a range of world cuisines. 


Our Asian Ghost Kitchen concept  thoughtfully combines durable, specialized heating and steaming equipment with advanced automation technology.


In our kitchen, you'll find JADE wok ranges and griddles, Pitco fryers and pasta cookers, and heavy-duty Crown steamers and pans.


Our ghost kitchens are further enhanced with automated workflows and quality control processes like the CORI prep table by L2F, leader in food technology innovation. 

  1. Pitco ROV Electric Fryers and Pasta Cookers 

  2. Crown Tilting Skillet 

  3. Jade Custom Ranges and Griddles 

  4. CookTek Induction Woks

  5. Crown Two Compartment Convection Steamer 

  6. QualServ Stainless Steel Sinks, Tables, Shelves 

  7. Desmon Reach-in Refrigerators 

  8. Carter Hoffman Self-serve Pick-Up-Cabinet 

  9. CookTek Freestanding Soupers 

  10. APW Wyott Countertop Food Warmers 

  11. L2F Smart Prep Table

Sandwich / Burger

Food Truck

Sandwiches are a staple of most diets around the world. Americans eat 50 billion burgers a year alone. And inside nearly every top sandwich or burger chain in the world, you will find Middleby equipment.


From Desmon prep tables, Globe patty press and meat grinders, Pitco fryers and Star griddles, to Nieco broilers and Taylor grills, enjoy peace of mind knowing your equipment is backed by the largest company in the industry. 


L2F has taken this equipment and coupled it with the best automation has to offer.


We’ve combined TurboChef speed cooking technology with automated Pick-up Cabinets (PUC) from Carter-Hoffman, and coupled the prep table to the oven using L2F's CORI, our collaborative robot.


OpenKitchen from Powerhouse Dynamics ties your kitchen together, analyzed and continuously improved upon by L2F’s servR artificial intelligence platform. 

  1. Carter Hoffman Self-serve Pick-Up-Cabinet 

  2. TurboChef Electric Ventless Impingement Oven 

  3. Wells Electric, Ventless Fryer and Griddle 

  4. L2F Smart Prep Table

  5. Globe Meat Chopper and Patty Press 

  6. Desmon Prep Table with Remote Refrigerated Base


Micro Mobile

The demand for plant-based foods has skyrocketed to a shocking $3.7 billion spend on plant-based foods in 2018. Driven by health and motivation to protect the environment, restaurants are scrambling to create all-plant alternatives. Explore this booming market in your ghost kitchen model.


Our Vegetarian Ghost Kitchen model enhances top-of-line equipment with L2F's  expertise in food automation and AI.


Maximize your kitchen's output with Wells' ventless fryer and TurboChef's electric waterless steamer and impingement oven. Ensure fresh quality all day long with the remote refrigerated base by Desmon and self-serve pick-up cabinets by Carter-Hofmann

  1. TurboChef Electric Ventless Impingement Oven 

  2. Wells Electric, Ventless Fryer and Griddle 

  3. Globe Freestanding Rice Cooker  

  4. Taylor Blender

  5. IMC Vegetable Peeler 

  6. Firex Vegetable Washer 

  7. Desmon Prep Table with Remote Refrigerated Base

  8. Carter Hoffman Self-serve Pick-Up-Cabinet 

The Hub-n-Spoke Model

Helping you imagine all the possibilities

The Hub-and-Spoke model begins with a large central high-efficiency commissary hub surrounded by satellite points for customer engagement: from traditional sit-down restaurants, food trucks, mobile restaurants, to smaller footprint units like kiosks and outposts.

The hub produces and distributes large volumes of food to each spoke, which cooks or heats, and plates orders for customer pick-up or delivery. You can adapt the model in infinite ways based on your unique needs.


Middleby, with its breadth of product and food industry knowledge, is uniquely qualified to mix food processing with commercial food equipment. L2F helps you connect all the pieces, so your truly smart kitchen does the thinking for you.

Let's tailor this model for you


When you just have 200 square feet or even less, micro kitchens, kiosks, and outposts can do the trick.

Small footprint solutions

Need a little space for a lot of orders?

Micro Kitchens

tiny kitchens, tremendous output

Especially in remote areas, or where space is at a premium, these 200-or-less square foot kitchens are ideal satellite alternatives to costly brick-and-mortar restaurants.


Or they can complement central dining locations by filling online orders efficiently, without compromising your customers' dining experience or server workflow.

Explore our various models, which can be tailored to needs:


for popular grab-n-go selections


Especially effective in high-density, high-traffic areas, kiosks are small, stand-alone vending machines that make high quality food from scratch. They are typically less than 25 square feet and able to go most anywhere. Multiple kiosks with various types of cuisines can be placed around busy malls, airports, skyrises and other places with a lot of traffic. One employee can oversee several kiosks with a high output potential. 

Hot-n-Cold Outposts

for custom meal pick-ups

In as little as 6 square feet, outposts are smart storage cabinets that can keep custom orders hot or cold until the customer is ready to pick up.  These outpost lockers are perfect for busy office spaces or residential buildings (e.g. college dorms or central urban spaces) where food can be dropped off en mass and picked up at the customers convenience. Only part-time maintenance required. 

Let's create your perfect combo

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