The Team

Shawn Lange

President + Founder

Dr. Krishna Rao

Chief Technology Officer 

Bill Muise

VP of Sales and Client Engagement

Jonathan Wyatt

Operations Manager

Bret Sylvester

Western Sales Manager

Douglas Large

Field Operations Manager

Hogan Hempy

Engineering Manager

Bob Thompson

NPI Manager

Jennifer Marroquin

Marketing Specialist

Sanja Pesich

Marketing Specialist

Alex Becerra

Field Ops Specialist

Refugio Gonzalez

NPI Engineer

Katherine Peterson

NPI Engineer

Eric Jung 

NPI Engineer

Peter Ishiguro

Sr. Systems Engineer

Cory Bowdach

Sr. Controls Engineer

Cory Lent

Controls Engineer

Dan Mcguinness

Engineering Technician 

Samuel Tanaka

Sr. Mechatronics Engineer

Donald Yeh

Sr. Firmware Engineer

John Paul Norman

Mechatronic Engineer

Dr. Li Gao

Sr. Staff Engineer - AI & ML

Malonda McElwee

NPI Intern

Dylan Regling

Engineering Intern

Hanna Ruddock

Office Manager Intern


Dr. Christopher Kitts

Associate Dean, School of Engineering, SCU

Marc Van Den Berg

General Partner,  DBL Partners


February 9, 2019


update: Welcome to Limbo Cats! May we pour you a drink?

February 8, 2019

Frank Fontana is live with L2F at the NAFEM 2019 Show

February 8, 2019

Check out lab2fab at @nafemhq
• Robots. Drinks. Yes please!

February 6, 2019

The Middleby Market is open for visitors! Come get a sneak peak at booth 1212 at NAFEM.

February 4, 2019

Lab2Fab will be at NAFEM Feeding Innovation. More details to come...

May 29, 2018

Middleby 2018 National Restaurant Association Show Highlights

April 19, 2018


L2F - Robotic Integrator in California USA

April 13, 2017

Food Tech, Automation, and IoT - Q&A with L2F CEO Shawn Lange

November 2, 2016

Pizza robots topping company's plan for west coast robotic domination

October 20, 2016

Fast Private Award: L2F ranks 4 on the Silicon Valley Business Journal's List

June 13, 2016

The Gritty Startups Topping This Year's Inc. 5000


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